About InvestingHype.com

Hello, my name is Ryan and I’m a hype addict. I’m literally a sucker for hype. I get hyped up when people talk about how much money they make online. I buy into the hype of untold riches with little to no work every day (I probably should mention I like taking the path of least resistance whenever possible). The hype of investing and how much money people make in the stock market also gets me. Add to that my tendency to be an information collector with little to no action and I’m a walking recipe for disaster.

This blog is serving several purposes for me:

  • To provide some accountability for my resolve to TAKE ACTION. I don’t want to be an information collector any longer. I want to take advantage of my enjoyment of tinkering and learning as I go.
  • To chronicle my real world experiences as I learn about investing, figure out what methodologies work for me, and evaluate what hype is actually valid and what isn’t.
  • To provide something that is hopefully valuable to others and encourage them to take action along with me.

Worth mentioning is a little background about myself. I’m not a rich guy and I know less than many about investing. I was a Junior High youth pastor for almost 10 years before starting an IT business that birthed a web development and hosting business a couple of years later. I’m still involved in both.

I’ve always liked the idea of investing money and the stock market in general. I remember walking into a day trading office about 8 or 9 years ago and seeing all these dual monitor setups spread all over the place with lots of charts, numbers and graphs moving all around on each monitor and becoming giddy with excitement at the thought of day trading.

So far though, I’ve not done more than trade a few times through a couple of online accounts, made a little money, lost a little more money than I made, and read some books on investing. So anything I chronicle on this site will be my real world results and thoughts from a novice investor. Take it as such.