Initial Investment Approach

I’ve thought a lot about how to best approach this blog and helping ensure I’ll actually get off my butt and do something (Goal #1: See About IH post). My initial thought is to choose two to three strategies or investment methods to apply to different accounts. This will allow me to try different things simultaneously, while also providing a little more benefit to others by offering strategies that fit different styles and personal interest.

Also, I have run across a couple of strategies that I don’t feel super comfortable with, but I’m interested in trying because of the technology they utilize. I’d like to always have at least one more conservative method or account that represents a more traditional approach to investing.

I was thinking about starting with $1000 in each of 3 different accounts and tracking the following broad things on a frequent (possibly daily where appropriate) basis:

  • Current account balance
  • Up to date profits and/or losses
  • Amount of time spent employing the investment method
  • General feelings about the strategy overall

I’m happy to consider alternatives to this style if anyone wants to weigh in. I’d also be interested in hearing what others are trying or would like to see tried on this blog.